To join MSA, please print off a copy of the membership application form, submit with your payment and send both by federal mail to:
Laurelly Beswitherick - Secretary-Treasurer
Box 274 Austin, MB R0H 0C0

MSA Life Membership Application Form (PDF File).

The Manitoba Simmental Association represents over 400 lifetime members,
both active breeders and retired breeders from across the province.

To be listed here members must have completed the following MSA Consent form (PDF File).

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Manitoba Simmental Members

  Farm Name Last Name First Name Address Phone Email  
  Ailsa Craig Farms Logan David & Vicki Box 915 Lenore, MB R0M 1E0 C: 204.851.6460
H: 204.838.2170
  Ag-Land Farms Johns Dana & Megan Box 188 Kenton, MB R0M 0Z0 H: 204.838.2003
F: 204.838.2003
  AJB Livestock Bonchuk Amy Box 239 Rossburn, MB R0J 1V0 C: 204.773.6140
  Antrim Simmental Gillan John Box 72 Clanwilliam, MB R0J 0K0 H: 204.865.2392
C: 204.867.0414
  Armstrong Simmentals Armstrong Erin Box 62 Elm Creek, MB R0G 0N0 H: 204-436-3431
C: 204-750-1578
  Bert's NR Simmentals de Rocquigny Norbert & Pam Box 147 Haywood, MB R0G 0W0 H: 204.379.2443
F: 204.745.7930
  Big Hills Simmentals Marcischuk Darryl P.O. Box 211 Sandy Lake, MB ROJ 1X0 H: 204.585.2453
F: 204.585.5259
  Big Sky Simmentals Peters Trevor & Amy Box 385 Rivers, MB R0K 1X0 H: 204.328.7458  
  Bonchuk Farms Bonchuk Dave & Marnee Box 34 Solsgirth, MB R0J 2B0 H: 204.842.3706
F: 204.842.3706
  Borderview Simmentals Martens Larry & Jan Box 186 Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0 H: 204.529.2509  
  Cactus Valley Simmentals Magarrell Mark & Cheri P.O. Box 37 Glenlea, MB R0G 0S0 H: 204.736.4814    
  Crest View Cattle Co. Woychyshyn Greg & Amanda Box 2035 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 H/F: 204.865.2475
C: 204.867.7110
  Crest View Land &
Cattle Co. Ltd.
Woychyshyn Terry Box 301 Erickson, MB R0J 0P0 H: 204.856.2213    
  Crocus Ridge Simmentals Melnyk Ron & Cheryl Box 1 Angusville, MB R0J 0A0 H: 204.773.2132
F: 204.773.2018
  Circle "L" Simmentals Bergen Len & Mary Box 368 Winnipegosis, MB R0L 2G0 H: 204.657.2244
F: 204.828.3483
  Davis Livestock Service Davis / Somers Wilf / Marnie P.O. Box 177 Douglas, MB R0K 0R0 H: 204.824.2479
C: 204.841.0211
F: 204.834.3999
  Delight Simmentals Delichte Gordon P.O. Box 26 St. Alphonse, MB R0K 1Z0 H: 204.836.2116  
  Diamond Bar S Simmentals Stanley Justin & Kerri Box 1386 Carberry, MB R0K 0H0 H: 204.476.0877    
  DKH Simmentals Hickson Donovan RR 2 Box 24 Brandon MB, R7A 5Y2 C: 204.570.1862  
  Double D Simmentals Doelger Doris Camp 43, Site 310, RR#3 Beausejour, MB R0E 0C0 H: 204.770.8668  
  Downey Farms Downey Allan & Jacquie General Delivery Coulter, MB R0M 0G0 H: 204.649.2260  
  Downhill Simmentals Olson Everett Box 1939 Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0 H: 204.826.2643
C: 204.867.0076
  DP Rooke Farms Rooke Alice Box 68 Alexander, MB R0K 0A0 H: 204.573-7484  
  Ferme Massinon Farm Massinon Raymond & Rachel Box 56 Haywood, MB  R0S 0W0 H: 204.379.2613
F: 204.379.2793
  Firdale Simmentals


Devon Box 709 McGregor, MB R0H 0R0 H: 204.871.0261  
  Foxy Lady Cattle Co. Pizzey Tracy Box 166 Foxwarren, MB R0J 0R0 H/F: 204.728.3366  
  Glasman Farms Glasman Matt & Leanne Box 1467 Russell, MB R0J 1W0 H: 204.773.3209
F: 204.773.6055
  Gordon Jones Simmentals Jones Gordon P.O. Box 107 Baldur, MB R0K 0B0 H/F: 204.535.2273  
  Handford Simmental Handford Robert P.O Box 103 Snowflake, MB R0G 2K0 H: 204.876.4658
F: 204.876.4620
  Lil' Chicks Cattle Co. Beswitherick Megan & Shaelyn Box 274 Austin, MB R0H 0C0 H: 204.637.2047  
  Lone Star Simmentals Fletcher Nick Box 1030 Melita, MB R0M 2L0 H: 204.264.0431  
  M & J Farms Glasman Miles & Bonnie,
P.O. Box 1179 Russell, MB  R0J 1W0 H: 204.773.3279
F: 204.773.3980
  M & N Ag Moorehead Marci & Nelson Box 96 Hamiota, MB R0M 0T0 H: 204.764.2237
F: 204.764.3616
  Maplehurst Farms Davey Kaitlyn Box 96 Westbourne, MB R0H 1P0 C: 204.871.3489
H: 204.274.2790
  Maple Lake Stock Farms Bertholet Gerry & Linda
Box 307 Hartney, MB R0M 0X0 H: 204.858.2086
G - C: 204.741.0340
A - C: 204.483.0319
G -
A -
  Mar Mac Farms McRae Blair & Lois
Brett, Melissa
RR 1 Box 57 Brandon, MB R7A 5Y1 H: 204.728.3058
F: 204.727.7744
C: 204.729.5429
  McIntosh Ranch McIntosh Kolton Box 84 Eriksdale, MB R0C 0W0 H: 204.280.0359  
  More Bros. Simmentals More Everett P.O. Box 1754 Virden, MB R0M 1C0 H: 204.748.1225  
    Morin Norm & Terese Box 30, Grp 24, RR 2 Ste. Anne, MB R5H 1R2 H: 204.422.8745  
  Morning View Simmentals Parfitt Murray & Verla P.O. Box 82 Shoal Lake, MB  R0J 1Z0 H: 204.759.2465
F: 204.759.2465
  Mossy Oak Stock Farms Gurr Kyle & Kerrie Box 143 Miniota, MB R0M 1M0 H: 204.567.3773  
  Mountian Boyz Simmentals Kostenchuk Ron & Kyle Box 1985 Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0 H/F: 204.966.3387  
  Northern Light Simmentals Carson Neil Box 116 Rossburn, MB  R0J 1V0
H/F: 204.859.2816  
  Northern Paradise Ranch Kontzie Ryan & Carly Box 1556 Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3P1 H: 204.871.0990  
  Oakview Simmentals Collins
Todd & Danna RR #2 Darlingford, MB R0G 0L0 H: 204.246.2166  
    Oberg Don Box 1549 Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0 H: 780.678.6926  
  Olmstead Cattle Co. Olmstead
Bryce & Nikki Box 263 Carberry, MB R0K 0H0 B: 204.476.6969
N: 204.745.8849
  Prairie Pistol Designs McRae Melissa RR 1 Box 57 Brandon, MB R7A H: 204.573.9903  
  Preston Stock Farms Ltd. Preston Allan P.O. Box 308 Hamiota, MB  R0M 0T0 H: 204.764.2571
F: 204.945.5218
  Prospect Simmentals Pringle Jim Box 174 Reston, MB R0M 1X0 H: 204.877.3855  
  Pure Country Simmentals
Bramley Richard Box 2 Minnedosa, MB  R0J 1E0 H/F: 204.867.2120  
  Rainbow River Simmentals Stewart Jennilee & Dustin Box 244, Fisher Branch, MB, R0C 0Z0 H: 204.372.6031  
  Rendezvous Farms
Laurent, Richard,
David & Gerald
P.O. Box 361 Ste. Rose du Lac,  MB R0L 1S0 L: 204.447.2308 
R: 204.447.2054 
D: 204.447.7573
G: 204.447.5037
  Rich McFarms Ltd.
McLearn / Richards Jason & Mylia
P.O. Box 420 Pilot Mound, MB  R0G 1P0 H: 204.825.2888  
  Riverbank Farms Cormier Ray P.O. Box 141 La Salle, MB  R0G 1B0 H: 204.736.2608
F: 204.736.4654
  RKT Simmentals Taylor Kyle Box 226 Minnedosa R0J 1E0 C: 204.867.7918
  Roenda Stock Farms Berezowecki Rod & Brenda
Box 3182 The Pas, MB  R9A 1R8 H: 204.623.6835  
  Rupert Farm Inc. Theuerer Rupert Box 128 Lac Du Bonnet, MB R0E 1A0 H: 204.345-9199    
  Schweitzer Simmentals
Schweitzer Cameron & Myrna P.O. Box 3A-15 Decker, MB  R0M 0K0 H: 204.764.2604
C: 204.365.7307
  Silver Lake Simmentals
Marchant Clint P.O. Box 308 Cartwright, MB  R0K 0L0 H: 204.523-8423
C: 204.825-8012
  Southam Simmentals
Southam Sharon Box 91 Elm Creek, MB R0G 0N0 H: 204.436-3013
F: 204-436-3252
  Top Notch Cattle Co. Karsin Jonathan Box 1075 Newton, MB R0H 0X0 H: 204.267.2613  
  Triple R Simmentals Dequier Rick Box 1673 Carman, MB R0J 0J0 H: 204.771.0280  
  Triple T Diamond Simmentals Thorglisson Sewart & Carla Box 408 Lundar, MB R0C 1Y0 H: 204-762-6156  
  Twin Meadow Livestock Wilcox Pat & Tracy Box 531 Treherne, MB R0G 2V0 C: 204.723.2275  
  Twin Oak Livestock Robinson Gary & Josie Box 412 Treherne, MB R0G 2V0 H: 204-723-2386  
  Twin Brae Simmentals Chescu Barry & Glenda Box 139 Inglis, MB  R0J 0X0 H: 204.564.2509
C: 204.927.7180
  Wilcox Simmentals Wilcox Ernie, Betty
Anthony & Ariel
Box 22 Treherne, MB R0G 2V0 C: 204.723.2735  
    Windsor-Boundy Angela Box 450 Cartwright, MB R0K 0L0 H: 204.242.4189    
  WLB Livestock Biglieni Bill & Nancy P.O. Box 327 Douglas, MB  R0K 0R0 H/F: 204.763.4697  
  Workman Farms Workman Greg P.O. Box 224 Minto, MB  R0K 1M0 C: 204.724.0564
F: 204.776.2386
  Workman Farms Workman
Pat P.O. Box 224 Minto, MB  R0K 1M0 C: 204. 534.8530
F: 204.776.2386

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