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Congratulations to
ALICE ROOKE & Mary Jane Robinson

on receiving the 2019 Scholarships
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2018-2019 YCSA Scholaship Heifer

Congratulations to Northern Lights Simmentals on winning the MSA Fundraising Heifer PERKS LADY GEM 512F, generously donated by Perkin Land & Livestock of Elgin, MB.  That Captain Scream heifer will make a great addition to your herd!!  CONGRATS!!

Congratulations to the 4-H Voucher Winners:
Mary Jane Robinson of the Treherne 4-H Beef Club
rooke Collins of the Windy Gates 4-H Beef Club

They received a $500.00 voucher to go towards the purchase of a Simmental
animalfrom a Manitoba Simmental Breeder

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The CSA is holding its first Leadership Conference for MSA/YCSA youth aged 16 - 25 in Calgary, AB on February 22nd and 24th, 2017. The registration for this event is available on the CSA Website and costs $175.00 for hotel, registration, and meals. The MSA is proud to be able to provide some funding for our members that are interested in attending this event. (I have attached the form) Please return the completed form to the MSA office by the date stated. This is a great opportunity for those young people interested in the future of the cattle and agricultural industries in Canada to become an AGVOCATE for what they have a passion for. Be sure to check it out!!

Sunday, July 21, 2017 - Harding, Manitoba
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Congratulations to Sydney Thorgilsson
on receiving the 2017 Scholarships
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Manitoba Simmental Association Scholarship
The Manitoba Simmental Scholarship program was developed in 2004, to assist Manitoba youth involved in the 
Young Canadian Simmental Association and the children of active MSA members pursue post secondary education.

MSA/YCS scholarship applications may be downloaded here:
Scholarship Form - Applications Deadline is December 31.
Applicants are eligible for a $1000.00 scholarship which is awarded after
the first regular board meeting of the calendar year.

To raise funds for the scholarships, ticket packages on a Simmental heifer donated by a breeder, are auctioned off at various Simmental events. For every $10 bid, the successful bidders receive a chance to win the donated heifer.

Year Donated by: Won by: Awarded to:
04-05 Glen-Lynn Simmentals
Hamiota, MB
Brain Bouchard Morgan Arksey, Langruth, MB
Katie Armstrong, Stephenfield, MB
Jarad Glasman, Russell, MB
Matthew Glasman, Russell, MB
05-06 Wayne Currah
Minnedosa, MB
Miles & Bonnie Glasman Andrea Bertholet, Hartney, MB
Danna Hunt, Portage la Prairie, MB
Brett McRae, Brandon, MB
06-07 M&J Farms
Russell, MB
  Ashley Schweitzer, Decker, MB
Jennilee Bernier, Fisher Branch, MB
07-08 Wilf Davis
Douglas, MB
Richard & Leland Bramley Melissa McRae, Brandon, MB
Erin Jackson, Inglis, MB
08-09 Preston Stock Farms
Hamiota, MB
Rob Sharpe Nikki Armstrong, Stephenfield, MB
Richard Bramley, Minnedosa, MB
09-10 Broken Oak Simmentals
Rapid City, MB
Butch Kotesky No Applications
10-11 Twin Brae Simmentals
Roblin, MB
Richie Joynt No Applications
12-13     Anthony Wilcox, Theherne, MB
Taylor Madsen, Hamiota, MB

Janessa Warkentin, Haywood, MB
Raina Syrnyk, Ethelbert, MB
Danitra Warkentin, Haywood, MB

14-15 Schweitzer Simmentals
Decker, MB
Crest View Land& Cattle Co. & Crest View Cattle Ltd. Kerrie Gurr, Miniota, MB
15-16 Pembina Trianlge Simmental Association Ross Lake Farms

Carson Rodgers, MacGregor, MB
Taylor Carvey, Alexander, MB
Shailyn Madsen, Hamiota, MB

16-17 Dana & Megan Johns Ron Susinski

Sydney Thorgilsson, Lundar, MB

17-18 Tri Star Simmentals Kyle Niemegeers

Katryn Dequier of Haywood, MB. 

18-19 Perkin Land & Cattle Co.  



Additional Scholorships

Roy A Wallace BIF Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Allan A. Dixon Memorial Scholarship
Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup Scholarship